Question 1.

What is the BitParadise (BPD) Platform all about and how exactly it operates?

Answer 1.

The Bit Paradise (BPD) platform is a new and innovative form of cryptographic exchange station based on game meta. The Exchange transactions revenue utilizes 100% by buyback and the returns from game are distributed to the BPD holder via betcoin (Known as Chip coin). As a registered user of the platform, one can enjoy the benefits of returns from the game in BPD just like in the Casino stake.

Question 2.

What makes BitParadise different from other Cryptographic Exchange stations already in the market?

Answer 2.

Since the start of cryptographic exchange stations, a lot of exchange stations have sprung up on the market; thus making the global mining exchange markets saturated. The BitParadise (BPD) platform is outstanding in that we leverage casinos to offer our users a user-friendly cryptographic exchange station.

Question 3.

What makes BitParadise secure and much safer compared to the competitors?

Answer 3.

Cryptographic Exchange Stations offer no guarantee of financial returns or revenues. However, successful exchange stations depend heavily on factors over which we have little or no control. With a product this new, market volatility is inevitable. Fluctuating demand, potential regulatory decisions, the number of other miners – all of these can and will affect profitability. Nevertheless, we are confident that our knowledge and experience enables us to minimize these risks and maximize the efficiency of the mining equipment over their effective lifespan.

Question 4.

BitParadise platform is using BET Coin, how exactly does this coin work?

Answer 4.

The BET coin is the coin of the BitParadise platform which users can use for games. In fact, it is a casino coin that is used in every BPD games and a stable coin. As long as you are a registered user of the BitParadise platform, you can buy BET coin at $1 at the same price.

Question 5.

Why is BitParadise often talked as one of the best opportunities for investors?

Answer 5.

The BitParadise platform is often touted as one of the best platforms offering mouth watery opportunities to investors because we provide selected games that are enjoyable. Expandability on our platform is fast, strong, and we’re prepared to pay special attention to our users’ complaints across the world. Furthermore, we strive to accelerate on the game service establishment that all users around the world can enjoy at ease.

Question 6.

How will Casino Gaming service operate on BitParadise platform?

Answer 6.

The BitParadise platform has prepared an optimized casino gaming service to ensure maximum profits. After every transaction of the casino game service, the small amount of cryptocurrency that’s left over will be used to provide amusement and pleasure for all registered users of the platform. Starting with the first dicing game, BPD has been composed to be redefined as slot machines, mahjong, horse racing, Go-stops, power balls etc. Additionally, the profit from the game would be returned to the investor through the profit-sharing Token Reward system.

Question 7.

Will Bitparadise expand the services worldwide in future?

Answer 7.

In future, we plan to expand into the markets of South America, Latin America including Argentina, which has recently started to use cryptocurrency for bank remittances. We also plan to penetrate Korea, China, and Southeast Asia markets. In addition, we are preparing for the official opening of eight countries by the second half of 2019.

Question 8.

How and why will adopting Bitparadise early benefit the investors?

Answer 8.

Any investor who adopts BitParadise early will enjoy exchange transactions revenue, 100% of Buyback system, Game Income, 50% of Bet Coin dividend, as well as Lotto / Jackpot operation

Question 9.

Why is BitParadise using BET Coin instead of popular Cryptocurrencies?

Answer 9.

We adopt BET Coin because it operates in form of equity coin and it is the only stable coin that users can buy at the same price at any time. Holders of BET Coin are guaranteed more BET Coin dividend.

Question 10.

Will BitParadise operate services offline in future?

Answer 10.

Our team is currently in the process of making our services available offline. We urge our esteemed and registered users to keep their fingers crossed as we are about rolling out more innovative services.

Question 11.

What is Angel, Black, and Private sales?

Answer 11.

At BitParadise, we are only doing Public Sale, which starts from 15th April, 2019 till 15th May, 2019. The starting price is $0.02, we do not offer any bonuses.

Question 12.

Where can I find my company website or white paper?

Answer 12.

To get any information about BItParadise.Ltd, you are requested to visit the official website The Whitepaper can be download through and is available on the website as well in Argentina and Chinese languages too.

Question 13.

How can I check casino license?

Answer 13.

You can check BitParadise license at while further details can be found through the official website or we welcome everyone to contact us directly for any information.

Question 14.

When is the listed exchange or the own exchange open?

Answer 14.

Bitparadise will be opening its own Exchange on 30th of May, 2019. We do not plan to have it listed elsewhere as of now.

Question 15.

When is the online casino open?

Answer 15.

BitParadise Casino is to be opened from 30th of May, 2019. The starting will see dicing games, followed with Slot Machines, Mahjong, Horse racing, Go-stops, Power balls and more.

Question 16.

In which country is our company registered

Answer 16.

Bitparadise.Ltd is incorporated in Nevis as an International Business Corporation having complied with all the requirements of incorporation under the Nevis Business Corporation Ordinaance, 2017. The registered address is Corner of Jews Street & Marion Avenue, Ramsbury Site, Charlestown, ST Kitts and Nevis